A new counterparty has entered the UK retail structured product sector; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). CIBC is a North American leading financial institution, generally serving clients in Canada, the US and Asia but is now backing UK retail structured products released via a new provider, hop investing. hop is an appointed representative of Meteor Asset Management and is set up in a similar way to MB Structured Investments. Where MB solely offer plans backed by Barclays, hop will be offering CIBC backed plans.

Whilst CIBC is not classed as a G-SIB it is one of the highest rated banks by credit rating agencies participating in the UK retail structured product sector. The introduction of yet another provider and counterparty to the sector demonstrates continued growth and development for structured products in what we see as being the most active year on record for new issuance – continuing an upward trend since 2020. 

hop have launched with four CIBC capital at risk offers including at-the-money, defensive, and step-down autocalls with a range of underlyings. One example is the UK Annual 100 Kick Out Plan April 2024 which is a FTSE linked autocall with at-the-money kick-outs from the second year onwards, offering 9.2% for each year held and a 65% capital loss barrier observed at the end of the maximum six-year term if not matured sooner. To access the latest products please click here. To access the latest products please click here.

We are delighted to welcome hop investing as the newest sector participant and as a supporting provider of StructuredProductReview.com.



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